How do lessons work?

Once all riders are signed up for the semester, we organize everybody into weekly (or biweekly if you choose) lesson groups based on skill level. Each group usually has 3-4 but no more than 5 riders, and lessons take place on once a week on designated days. 

Each semester, riders must each pay $480 to the Yale Equestrian team. This includes lesson fees for 10 lessons and transportation. 

Since Yale doesn’t have its own barn, we ride at Movado Farms, which is located half an hour away in Durham, CT. Thus, we must pay their coaches for every lesson. Additionally, we organize transportation ourselves to and from the barn. Most students don’t have their own car, so we have a student deal with Zipcar. Each lesson group has a designated driver, who is in charge of reserving the Zipcar and driving their groups to and from the barn. These make up the costs per semester.